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Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

Guideline For Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury & Prolonged Symptoms

3rd Edition, for Adults over 18 years of age

Expert Panel

Lynn Anderson VP, Healthcare Claims, AVIVA Canada Inc.

Shannon Bauman, MD, CCFP, DipSportMed Concussion North

Markus Besemann, LCol, MD, FRCP, DipSportMed Canadian Forces Health Services - Rehabilitation Medicine

Angela Colantonio, PhD Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network

Victor Coronado, MD, MPH Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA)

Neil Dilworth, MD, MScCH HPTE, CCFP, DipSportMed University of Toronto

Mike Ellis, MD, FRCSC Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, University of Manitoba

Marla Feldman, MSW, RSW NRC Feldman and Associates Inc

Pierre Frémont, MD, PhD, FCF Université Laval

Leo Frisoli Desjardins General Insurance Group

Judy Gargaro, BSc, MEd Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

Jonathan Gladstone, MD, FRCPC Cleveland Clinic Canada, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Robin Green, PhD, CPsych Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network

Corinne Kagan, BA, BPS Cert Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

Vicki Kristman, PhD Lakehead University

Shannon McGuire, BHSc (PT) St. Joseph’s Health Care London

Katie Muirhead Ontario Brain Injury Association

Michael O’Connor, MD, FRCPC, MMed Queen’s University

Marie-Christine Ouellet, PhD Université Laval

Deanna Quon, MD, FRCPC Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

Laura Rees, PhD, CPsych Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

Nick Reed, PhD Bloorview Research Institute

Rob van Reekum, MD, FRCPC University of Toronto

John Rutka, MD, FRCSC Toronto General University Health Network Karen Sasaki, MSW, RSW Community Head Injury Resource Services

Noah Silverberg, PhD, RPsych, ABPP VCH Research Institute, University of British Columbia

Janice Spivey, RN, ENC(C), CEN Emergency Nurses Association of Ontario

Irene Sullivan, BA, PgDip University of Toronto

Carmela Tartaglia, MD, FRCPC University of Toronto, University Health Network

Martin Ten Hove, MD, MSc, FRCS Queen’s University

Aaron Thompson, MD, MPH, FRCPC St Michael’s Hospital

Carlos Torres, MD, FRCPC Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa

Catherine Truchon, PhD, MSc INESSS

Charles Tator, MD, PhD University of Toronto, University Health Network

Dorothy Van Esbroeck (Concussion/mTBI Survivor)

Catherine Varner, MD, MSc, CCFP(EM) Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto

Jonathan Wareham, OD, MSc Pupils Vision Development and Rehabilitation

Penny Welch-West, MClSc St. Joseph’s Health Care London

Ruth Wilcock Ontario Brain Injury Association

Catherine Wiseman-Hakes, PhD, MSc Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto

Reema Shafi, PhD (c), University of Toronto

Formal Schema Used in the Establishment of the mTBI Expert Consensus Group